“What Could Private Law Theory Mean?”, PLT Workshop, Mai 2010, University of Cologne, Germany | Cologne Gathering

“Private Law Theory”, PLT Workshop, July 2010, XVIII. International Congress of Comparative Law, Washington College of Law, American University, Washington DC, USA | Washington Workshop

“Inter-Legalities. Adapting Private Law to A Technological Age”, PLT Workshop, August 2011, XXV. World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany | Frankfurt Workshop

“The Public Dimension of Contract. Legal Theories in Dialog”, PLT Workshop, November 2011, Villa Vigoni, Lake Como, Italy | Villa Vigoni Talks

“A Market is a market is a market. Financial Regulation and the Role of Law in an Era of Global Finance”, PLT Workshop, November 2012, Ferrara University, Italy | Ferrara Conference

“The Cases of Society – Towards a New Sociological Jurisprudence”, PLT co-organized symposium, June 2014, Free University Berlin, Germany | PLT 2014 Berlin

“Contract, Context, Text. Cultures of Contract Interpretation”, PLT Workshop, October 2014, Venice International University, Venice, Italy | PLT 2014 venice

“The Core of Property”, PLT Workshop, October 2015, Königswinter, Germany | PLT 2015 property

“The Laws of Merit: Meritocracy in the US and Germany”, PLT co-organized Workshop, October 2017, Berlin, Germany | PLT 2017 meritokratie


– in planning –

“Choice Theory of Contract”, PLT Workshop, June 2018, Berlin, Germany

“The Future of the Firm”, PLT Workshop (2019, London)

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