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Papers from within the PLT network or on PLT topics

Berlin Workshop: The Laws of Merit

PLT co-hosted a Berlin Workshop, 06 October 2017, on meritocracy in the US and Germany (organised by Bertram Lomfeld, FU Berlin). A group of German lawyers, economists and sociologists is discussing the manuscript of Daniel Markovits’ (Yale Law School) new book “Meritocracy and Its Discontents” (forthcoming with Penguin and C.H. Beck). In discussion with the workshop participants aim to reconstruct the significance and development of a meritocratic structure and attitude in Germany. | PLT 2017 meritokratie

German Private Law Theory Meeting in Münster

There is a great new initiative in German private law theory. On 12 and 13 February Nils Jansen (Münster University) and Michael Grünberger (Bayreuth University) organized a conference on German “Perspectives of Private Law Theory”. The format of the conference was to discuss on three recent private law theory books on the basis of four invited commentaries in each case. It is intended to repeat such book discussions on a regular annual basis.

Program Münster 2016

PLT 2015 Workshop, The Core of Property

The next PLT Workshop on property theory in Königswinter (Germany) will gather leading US and European property scholars to find out if there is something like “The Core of Property” and what it might look like. The workshop is organized by Dan Wielsch (Cologne University), Bertram Lomfeld (Free University Berlin) and Hanoch Dagan (Columbia Law School)

PLT 2015 property

Outlining PLT

After the Cologne meeting Dan Wielsch and Bertram Keller drafted an preliminary outline on what could be understood under PLT. It could also be found in the section “What is PLT?”(PDF)

We hope that this outline will initiate a controversial debate about the object and the ends of private law theory and the PLT network. Of course we will review the program under “What is PLT?” from time to time corresponding to the evolving discussion.