The PLT initiative aims to constitute a network of scholars reflecting the theoretical foundations and future developments of private law. The idea was born spontaneously in 2009 among a transnational group of scholars. PLT will build a forum for cross-cultural brainstorming what private law could mean in the 21st century. PLT embraces different theoretical backgrounds (liberal theory, social justice theory, deliberative theory, systems theory, economic analysis, critical theory, deconstruction, etc.) and different fields of law (contract law, property law, comparative law, competition law, corporate law, IP law, etc.).

What is PLT?
> provides a preliminary outline what PLT could mean

PLT network
> introduces the scholars behind the PLT network

PLT events
> sketches the past PLT activities

PLT links
> links to some similar projects and cooperation partners

PLT Blog
> announces recent PLT network activities and papers

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